Thursday, March 27, 2008

Arkansas Spring

You never know with Arkansas weather, it's so unpredictable, but I think it's finally safe to say that spring is here! And thank goodness. I haven't posted in so long because I have to take most of my pictures outside - my apartment makes for an ugly backdrop, and the lighting is terrible. But every day off I've had since my last post, it was always gray outside! It's been frustrating, but I finally had a sunny day off and photographed all my finds from about the last month or so. I hope now my posts can be a little more frequent!

Corning CB Teapot 2 Quart

I found this Corningware teapot a little while ago, as you can probably tell from the snow on the railing (I got frustrated with the gloomy weather and photographed some of my finds regardless). :) It's hard to tell from the picture, but this teapot is a lot bigger than the 6 cup Corning teapots that you usually see around, this one is actually 2 quarts, and rather hefty. I got it from the Salvation Army in Springdale for $8.

Gemco Salt Shaker & Fire-King Measuring Cup

I really like this Gemco salt shaker. Gemco made a lot of products that coordinated with Corning and Pyrex patterns. This pattern is 'Country Festival'. I normally don't go for a very 'country' look, but I think this one is adorable. 50 cents at the Springdale Salvation Army. The Fire King measuring cup isn't in the mintiest of condition, but I had to get it for 75 cents. Until I found this one, I hadn't been able to find a vintage measuring cup that wasn't completely destroyed - completely worn lettering, major chips, scratched to death... usually a combination of the three. This cup has nice red lettering, light scratching, and no chips. That's all I ask...

Androck Flour Sifter

This is a find not from one of my usual haunts. I decided to make a trip up to Gravette, east of Bentonville, where my boyfriend and his family used to live. Jason told me a tale of a really good, really cheap thrift store there, and I decided to go on one of my days off. Well, when I got there, the store was CLOSED, I was literally 8 minutes late. But my hour trek wasn't for nothing, because right across the street was a small flea market! That's where I got this cute Androck flour sifter, for $4.

Avon Owl 2

I love owls! I found this Avon owl container at the same Gravette flea market. It was just a dollar, so I scooped it up. One negative - I got it home and opened it up, not realizing that it still had some old rank perfume inside. Oh lord, the smell made me physically ill, and I of course spilled it on myself when I opened it. I soaked the owl but it still smells bad inside and around the seam. :(

Kodak Instamatic 44

This Kodak Instamatic was my last find from the Gravette flea market. It was $4, which is a little higher than I usually pay for my cameras, but it had flashcubes and the box, so I got it. I've actually got quite a few cameras in my collection now. I'm going to save them all up for a later post.

Kodak Automatic 35

Kodak Automatic 35 2

I got this Kodak Automatic from the Second Chance thrift in Springdale - if you go back in the posts, it's where Leilani got a shot of me in the chrome of that vintage toaster. :) Not a bad find for $4.

Pyrex Bake A Round

This is my first piece of Pyrex that I thrifted in the box! I got this crazy Bake-A-Round from Second Chance as well, for just $3! It has some very delicious-sounding bread recipies on the paper insert that I want to try. It cracks me up - it's an old "As Seen On TV!" product.

Pyrex Spring Blossom Sugar & Creamer

Vintage Autograph Book

More finds from the Springdale Salvation Army (which has definitely surpassed Fayetteville's). First are the Spring Blossom Pyrex sugar and creamer. I wanted the sugar bowl, and was considering buying it on eBay, but I actually thrifted it first, woo hoo! Only $1 per piece. When I went to the counter to buy the Pyrex, inside the case I saw the autograph book. It's never been written in. A $2 spur of the moment purchase. :D

Cake Decorator & Cookie Maker

Cake Decorator & Cookie Maker 2

This is a find from Springdale's Samaritan thrift shop that I found a while back and forgot to photograph. Mmmm, icing and cookies.... It still had all it's pieces. I think I paid about $5 for it.

Tupperware lunchbox

I also found this Tupperware at Samaritan. I love the big orange container, it's a perfect lunchbox. I want to start packing Jason's lunch in it. :) All the pieces were sold together, $5 for the lot.

Maid Of Honor Casserole

Maid Of Honor Casserole Backstamp

This dish is a little rough around the edges (literally), but I picked it up from Samaritan anyway. It's a 'Maid of Honor' casserole. This is the first one I've seen at the thrift. I've only seen one other Maid of Honor brand dish, at an antique mall. The glass on this dish is really thick. Picked it up for $5.

Tupperware Cookbook & Milkglass Taurus Mug

I picked up this unmarked milkglass mug at Samaritan also. The graphic is pretty crazy - if you can't tell, it's a bull. It's actually a zodiac mug, with information on Taurus on the other side. The Tupperware cookbook is from the Council of the Blind in Fayetteville. Just $2, and it has a bunch of good recipes and pictures of all kinds of Tupperware.

Tupperware Small Canisters

More Tupperware! I found these at Peace at Home, just $4 for all 8 pieces. I was really excited to find these because I have the canister set in yellow. Now I have the small canister too... and 3 extras! Hehehe. I've noticed lately that I'm deviating from my yellow/aqua/jadeite kitchen color trifecta to include orange accents. Which leads to my last find...

Toastmaster Ice Crusher

... a Toastmaster ice crusher in vintage orange from the Springdale Council of the Blind. Only $5, and it still works. I love the vintage appliances...

Pyrex Primary Refrigerator Set

Now for some of my naughty internet buys... The yellow primary refrigerator dish I actually thrifted, but on the rest I broke down and got on eBay. My favorite way to buy is to get the cheap auctions where they sell misc. dishes in a big lot. People don't bid on them, you get a couple of good pieces cheap, and the rest you can resell or give as gifts.

Pyrex Old Orchard Refrigerator Dish #502

This little refrigerator dish is from the same misc. eBay lot that I got the primary blue dish from. Initially I was going to get rid of it, but Jason wanted it. I gave him one of the chipped lids that came with the lot, and now it's his candy dish for his nasty black jelly beans. :P

Pyrex Desert Dawn Set

I'm SO happy - I finally managed to complete my yellow Desert Dawn set! I had the hardest time finding the 2 quart round casserole. I searched for months on the internet, apparently they're pretty rare, but I found one on eBay Express in the end.

Pyrex Blue Lasagna Dish w/Basket

Pyrex Blue Lasagna Dish

I also got another Pyrex dish with it's serving basket. I really like this dish, it's a very convenient size, and it's a gorgeous deep blue color. I've used this dish for baking several times already, I'm glad I invested in it.

Pyrex Promotional Bluebird w/Cradle

Pyrex Promotional Meadow

Pyrex Promotional Balloons Chip & Dip Set

Last but certainly not least... my aqua promotional Pyrex sickness. I just can't resist them. I got the Bluebird, Meadow and Balloons this past week. The Balloons chip and dip set is definitely my favorite. I'd been wanting to get it for a while, but I wanted to wait until I could find the bowls in good condition that actually still had the bracket. There were a lot of bidders, but I won in the end. :D