Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Corning Country Festival Crock Pot & Kitten

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back with a vengance!

Don't let the long hiatus fool you - I am thrilled to be blogging again!  There was unfortunately a lot of upheaval in the last year, what with starting a new job that was a 45 minute commute (that's one-way), the joys of home ownership, AND getting married...  Amongst other things.  I felt like I never had time to do anything, or I was too tired, and my thrifting outings became non-existent.  But no more!  Thanks to a lot of thrifty living and boring bill-paying, along with Jason's hard work earning him some nice raises at his job, I have taken the leap - I left my job to stay home and make junking my new full-time career!  I'm on week two and it is going great - I now share two booths with my mother-in-law Kathy, one at The Rose Too in Rogers and our newest booth at Home Town Flea Market, just a few blocks away.

I don't know if the hot weather is the cause, but summertime has also brought a LOT of great stuff out into the thrift stores lately.  When I had been getting out on occasion there wasn't much that I saw to pick up, but perhaps the thrift gods are welcoming me to my new career - since I've been going out more there has been piles of good, cheap stuff to buy!  So keep checking back for more updates - with all these goodies to photograph, I won't be neglecting the blog again. :-)

Vintage Stainless Steel Japan Starburst Flatware 'Sapphire'

Vintage Stainless Steel Japan Starburst Flatware 'Sapphire' Closeup

Jason and I went out thrifting last Friday and we scored some great stuff.  We had to work hard for these pretties.  I think we rummaged for at least a good 30 minutes in the kitchen utensil file cabinet drawers at the Rogers Salvation Army.  I feel pretty confident that I found all that there was of this great set.  I've wanted a set of starburst flatware for a while now.  These are marked 'Stainless Steel Japan' and are marked with the brand 'Sapphire'.  I wasn't able to find any info on this particular brand of starburst silverware when I did some research on the internet.  At 25 cents apiece I'm happy to keep these and hope I find some more!

Vintage Kmart Spice of Life Coordinate Slow Cooker Crock Pot

I picked this Kmart Spice of Life coordinate 'Sim R Pot' up at the Rogers Salvation Army also.  Appliances were half off, so I actually only ended up paying $2.50 for this, and it was tested and in working condition!  Sweet.  It has a nice milk glass bowl for the inside.  It was pretty stained from chili or beans or some such, but bleach water took it all right off.  The Corning lid that came with it is a little chippy around the rim, but I don't know that it is original anyway, it seems a hair too large.  This is going with the rest of the Spice of Life items that I have at The Rose Too.

Vintage Sears & Roebuck Vaporizer

Vintage Sears & Roebuck Vaporizer Closeup

This old Sears and Roebuck vaporizer was marked $3 at the Salvation Army, but thanks to that half-off appliances sale I paid just $1.50.  Very cool to actually find this with the white plastic cradle.  Unfortunately we got it home and I started having a weird allergic reaction to something - I was sneezing, eyes watering, throat itching, the works.  Jason cleaned out the vaporizer - there was a some kind of white powder and some yucky grease inside, he told me - and that seemed to solve my problem.  The perils of thrifting!

Corning Ware Blue Cornflower 8" Square and Pie Plates

Two Saturdays ago Jason and I stopped for a church sale - great decision!  There was a large round table FULL of blue cornflower dishes.  The lady was super nice and marked everything down for me. I also got two roasters, a 4 qt. dutch oven with lid, and lipped saucepan with spout that aren't pictured here.  Oh, and some vintage cookbooks for a dollar apiece.  The 8" square pans were $5 each (I got 3 total) and the pie plates were $4 each (also 3 total).  When we were chatting I mentioned having a collection of vintage Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks, which of course she then tells me they had piles of earlier that morning.  Ah!  It always kills me to hear on what I just missed out on!  She very nicely offered to keep my name and number because she had many more items from her mother that she had yet to dig out.  I hope I hear from her again!

Vintage Melmac Disney Dishes and Pyrex Drink-Up

Our trip to Springdale's Council of the Blind was pretty fruitful as well.  These cute Disney melmac dishes were $2 for the set, and Pyrex Drink-Up is a nice addition to my mug collection at 50 cents.

Couroc of Monterey Cypress Square Plate

Couroc of Monterey Roadrunner Large Round Plate

I love finding these Couroc of Monterey pieces at thrift stores so far away from California.  These were the third and fourth pieces that I've seen, and at $2 for the cypress plate and $2.50 for the large round roadrunner plate, I wasn't going to leave them at the Council of the Blind!

Corning Ware Electromatic Skillet Base

Corning Ware Electromatic Skillet Base Closeup

I was excited to find the Couroc, then I rounded the corner and saw this Corning Ware electromatic skillet base!  It was marked '$4.50 works'.  It went in my cart immediately.  There was some stuck-on food debris, but with the super-smooth surface and a little Bar Keeper's Friend it wasn't too hard to get off.

Vintage Better Homes and Gardens Cookbooks

I hit the motherlode of books at Helping Hands.  While Jason loaded up on several nice cheap speaker sets that he is going to resell on Craigslist, I loaded up on Better Home and Gardens cookbooks for $1 each.  Most of these I already have, so they are going to be at my booth at Home Town.  The Playboy Bar book ($1.50) is also out at Home Town and has a ton of delicious-sounding drink recipes.  I bought the Singer sewing book for myself for $2... which I suppose I'll never forget as they decided to just go ahead and write on the cover of that one with black marker.  :-/  I really hate it when the thrift store ruins items.

Vintage Alltel Cell Phone & Tupperware

I've always wanted an old cell phone like this, so I picked this one up at the Bentonville Goodwill for $3.  The Tupperware (50 cents) was found by Jason who loves these containers for sleeves of crackers.

Corning 2.5 Qt. Season's Greetings 1963 Casserole

Four Couroc of Monterey Assorted Bird Bowls

Pyrex Promotional 'Spices' 043 1.5 Qt. 

Finally, of course I had to go around and shop the other booths after I moved into Home Town last week.  Two booths over, I found the Corning 'Season's Greetings 1963' 2.5 qt. casserole for $6.  I had never heard of Corning making anything like this, but the design doesn't appear to me to have been added afterwards.  The pattern is actually in a pretty shiny silver.

Jason found the four Couroc bird bowls, and I was a little iffy about buying them because they have been treated pretty roughly and lost all of their original lustre.  Some of them even have a couple of chips.  Jason talked me into it, as he hopes he can possibly restore them.  I decided to go for it at $1.50 a bowl.

I haven't found a nice piece of Pyrex that I wanted to add to my collection for a while.  This is a cute promotional 'Spices' that I don't have, and still has nice shiny paint and no damage.  It was only $5, so I scooped it up.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moving Blogs...

Hello everyone, this is Jade, formerly of Thriftaholic.  It seemed like it was time for Leilani and I to separate our posts into our own blogs.  Our collecting styles have developed over the years, and with our different locations and many collections we thought it was getting to be a little too much for just one blog - besides the fact that two authors was a little confusing to some readers.  So here I am!  I hope you enjoy Out Thrifting.  Now that I've wrapped up most of the business from purchasing my first house (an ordeal that has taken me since November to square away actually buying, moving into, unpacking, and getting my tax credit for the place), I finally have free time to devote to thrifting and blogging again!  For my convenience (but also possibly for yours) I have copied all my previous posts from Thriftaholic to this blog, so everything I've written is in one place.

I hope you enjoy the new blog!  It will be a work in progress for a while as I design it.  Please follow me, and look forward to more posts in the near future!