Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Whole 'Lotta Stuff, Part 3 - Home Again

This is the conclusion to my three-part Tennessee trip - the return home. Happily, I felt like I kept my roll going from TN once I was back home. Of course, this isn't going to include everything that I've found since the middley/end of July until now (since that's a crazy amount), but I'll wrap up July's finds. Next post will be my August scores and my birthday presents (my birthday is actually tomorrow... but it will be today by the time I've published this blog, woo). Although, it seems like everything I've picked up for the past 3 weekends my boyfriend has claimed was part of my birthday present, so my "gifts" will take up a lot of my next post. :-P

Random Finds Post TN resized

Here's a few of the random kitchenware items I picked up at the thrifts and antique stores after I got back. One of my favorites is the Dispensers, Inc. syrup pitcher in the middle. It was $2, and even though I don't collect it and don't really need it, I just had to get it. So cute. It's quite thick and hefty too. I also picked up the Hazel-Atlas container (top middle) for $1, which is in good condition. It's missing it's clear hard-plastic lid, but I've seen some and they usually get all worn and broken and look like poo anyways, so I'm not too sad. The rest are just random mugs... I thought Eve's Supper Club was cute, and not badly priced at 50 cents. I had been wanting the Irish Coffee mug for my collection, and there were some for $3 at the Council of the Blind, but I refused to pay that much. I got this one at the Hospital Auxillary thrift for 25 cents. Pays to wait. The Avon train mug was dollar, and I got another jadeite Tupperware container for $2 (with the plastic grate still inside). The most I paid for any item was the Razorbacks Fire-King mug at the Springdale Salvation Army. Overpriced, but it is my alma mater, after all. How was I to resist? :)

Fire King & Glasbake Mugs Post TN resized

These mugs were found at the antique stores in Tontitown. I was pleasantly surprised to see that these mugs weren't overpriced, they cost about $1 for each one, plus tax. The middle Fire-King was marked down at a booth in Yesteryears since they were going out of business. By the time we got there, the pickin's were mighty slim. I got the other the two Glasbake mugs at Country Classic right down the road. They were just cheap to begin with.

Corning Glassblower Watch Mug & Bowl

I found these matching pieces on the same day. The bowl, marked Corning with the old glassblower stamp, was in a booth in Yesteryears that was half-off, making it $6. It has a chip on the rim, but these old pieces are harder to find, so I got in anyway. Then when we went to Country Classic, I found the handle-less "watch" mug or "handwarmer" mug for $5. From other discussions on PyrexLove's Flickr, I knew that the mug was from the WWII era, and that Corning made them for military use. The bowl looks like the same material and had the same backstamp. Jeffpyrex on Flickr, who is quite an expert on Pyrex restaurant ware, told me that he thinks that the bowl is a transitional piece from the military line (introduced during World War II) to the Commercial Tableware line (introduced in 1953). Neato!

I know it's definitely pretty clear from my posts that I'm a vintage kitchenware lover. I'm not just completely one-track when I go out shopping, though. And here's a couple of really random thrift finds to prove it! ;)

POWER CELL Flashlight

It's a POWER CELL, in case you didn't catch that. The battery was from K Mart. It's so hilarious, I had to get it. I figured it would make a good emergency flashlight once the battery was replaced, and it was only $2. The price tag the thrift store put on it is really what made it for me: "$2.00 Needs new battery" Um yeah, ya think?

Microfiche Machine

Know what this little gem is? It's my personal belief that no home office/study is ever truly complete without it's very own... microfiche machine!!! This one still works and everything. The Hospital Auxillary thrift had this for $10, but we talked them down to 5. Why get it? Because I can. We'll find some use for it... and if you have some film with no way to look at it, worry no more! I can hook you up.