Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moving Blogs...

Hello everyone, this is Jade, formerly of Thriftaholic.  It seemed like it was time for Leilani and I to separate our posts into our own blogs.  Our collecting styles have developed over the years, and with our different locations and many collections we thought it was getting to be a little too much for just one blog - besides the fact that two authors was a little confusing to some readers.  So here I am!  I hope you enjoy Out Thrifting.  Now that I've wrapped up most of the business from purchasing my first house (an ordeal that has taken me since November to square away actually buying, moving into, unpacking, and getting my tax credit for the place), I finally have free time to devote to thrifting and blogging again!  For my convenience (but also possibly for yours) I have copied all my previous posts from Thriftaholic to this blog, so everything I've written is in one place.

I hope you enjoy the new blog!  It will be a work in progress for a while as I design it.  Please follow me, and look forward to more posts in the near future!