Monday, November 17, 2008

Belated September Finds

Sorry guys, it's been a while since I was intending to post about my birthday. Unfortunately, I was recently involved in a car accident. I'm fine, but my car was totaled, and I've been going through the process of getting a new one. That and getting my new job, and then having to adjust from training on 1st shift to working on 2nd shift, I haven't been doing too much on here. Finally, everything has settled down, and I've managed to get my photos taken and uploaded to Flickr. So, here it goes...

Pyrex Golden Wheat & Golden Classic Promos

I got these back in September... The 'Green Wheat' promo was a local find at the Tontitown Flea Market. Jason bought this for me as a birthday present. It was about $20, still better than the internet. The 'Golden Classic' dish was an ebay buy, and kind of a present for myself, I guess. :) I really wanted it, I love the deco-style graphics and the pretty yellow color.

Thrift & Antique Store Finds 08/30/08

These were thrift and antique store finds from August 30th. I got the Flamingo pie plate for $3.50 at Samaritan thrift store. I then found the Golden Hearts casserole for $7 at Plantation House antique store. We drove from there to Rogers, where I got the Country Festival coffee perk for $7 at Homestead antique store. The white 401 is my first true Pyrex opal mixing bowl! It's marked only with the mold number "7" on the bottom. It was just $3 at the Bella Vista Flea Market. Country Classic Antique mall had both the Old Town blue sugar bowl and Chelsea JAJ dish. The JAJ was $7.95 and the sugar bowl $2.75. Lastly I got the Bride's casserole (which I absolutely adore) for $9 at the Tontitown Antique Mall, which was another birthday present from Jason.

Pyrex 'Golden Thistle' Promo

This casserole was another ebayed present. This came from a seller in Charleroi, PA. They called it 'Golden Thistle', which is a good enough name for me. I fell in love with the big, bold thistle pattern. I haven't seen one like it before, and I had to fight to get it. It's getting harder to get good deals on rarer items on ebay than it used to be. More and more collectors are getting on there, and I know some people who want to buy every single piece of Pyrex just to say they have it all, I guess. I just try to get what I really love, and it gets frustrating to always have to come up against someone who seems to have no other life goal than to throw all their free time and all their money into buying up Pyrex on the internet, and then act like they know everything about it. All they know is how to use PayPal. Sorry for the rant, but it just irks me because I don't see how it's rewarding, and it's certainly not impressive.

Pyrex Turquoise Casserole & Retro Stand

I watched items on ebay for a while until I found this casserole, lid and stand for a decent price. I had seen several previous to this go for quite a bit of money, but I lucked out and the market had settled some. I really wanted to add this dish to my turquoise collection. The cradle is super-retro, and just so fab. This dish also came with the original care booklet.

Corning Country Festival Collection

Here's all of the Corning Country Festival pieces I've found so far. Everything was found locally, yay! Amanda got me the two casseroles on the left for my birthday. She also spotted the square baker they're sitting in when we were out at the Tontitown Antique Store together.

Thrift Finds 09/06/08

I got these the day before my birthday. I found the Tang pitcher at the Salvation Army and the turquoise thermos at the Council of the Blind for $2 each. Everything else was $1 each at an antique store's parking lot sale. I found the teapot in the 4th edition of the Mauzy guide, pg 91. Apparently it was made by Glasbake but with Pyrex glass. A teapot with the lid has an estimated value of $75-85. Not too shabby... now to find that lid!

Thrift Finds 09/13/08

I found these Spring Blossom coordinates at a Prairie Grove thrift store on September 13th for $10. I got a Gemco sugar bowl and S&P shakers, and a Dispensers, Inc. syrup pitcher. The unmarked milk glass zodiac mug was thrown in for free.

Antique Store Finds 09/27/08

Here's the last of my September finds. I got these mugs at Country Classic Antique store on the 27th. I got 6 Federal glass zodiac mugs for my collection. I still only have 6, but I replaced two I already had that were in shabby condition. Only 6 more to go... :) And I added another one of the Corning-style Pyrex mugs to my collection. Still plenty of those left to get.

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