Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer is here, and so is thrifting

Well, Leilani and I may have died off on this blog for a while, but we've still been getting out there and finding all kinds of goodies to photograph and post. I know Leilani's been busy with school (even right now during the summer she has class, aw!), but I don't have as good of an excuse. I take pictures and then neglect to post! Well no more!

With the arrival of summer I definitely always feel like the "good stuff" is more plentiful. There are tons of garage sales every week, and the estate sales are picking up too. Like Leilani, I'm starting to prefer going to the source and trying to get things at estate sales. Well, around here there are more estate auctions. Which is great because they are entertainment in itself. But, since I haven't posted in a while, I'll share some of the things I found earlier this spring.

Vintage 70s Electric Coffee Perk

I've been getting worse. I knew I didn't need this retro orange electric coffee perk. I have plenty of Corning coffee perks. But I get to where I just can't leave things behind. This was $4.00 at the Benton Co. Women's Shelter Thrift.

Vintage Recipe Cards & Box

This recipe box was just worth getting for the old cards. None had any recipes to try, however. I love the cute aqua design. I could do with a nicer box though. This one is just a dark avocado green, not too attractive. 50 cents from Second Chance Thrift.

Pyrex Woodland Round Casserole

Yes, I gave in and I collect Woodland now. I didn't find brown very attractive before, but it has grown on me, I'll admit. Plus my mom had Woodland mixing bowls (she actually still uses them), so I was partial to this pattern anyway. This is the largest round casserole. Found at the Salvation Army for $1.50 I believe? I also managed to get a hold of a nice lid for it locally for $1.00.

Vintage Dormey Handmixer

Vintage Dormey Handmixer 2

I picked up this vintage Dormey handmixer at The Council of the Blind. I had never heard of Dormey, but they made a great mixer. It still works. In fact, it works so well that I'm getting rid of my Hamilton Beach handmixer that I got from Walmart. I've really started to switch over to all vintage for my kitchen appliances. They just work better, even after all these years.

Vintage Orange Bun Warmer

Vintage Mustard Bun Warmer

Vintage bun warmers. Very 70s. I bought the orange one 1st at Samaritan Thrift, then when I came back, they had put out the other one. I snapped them up, naturally. I think they might have been around $5.00 apiece. They both have their original cords and they still heat up. Kind of an odd buy, but I have a dream to one day host a large Thanksgiving dinner, set up entirely with vintage cookware and prepared with vintage appliances. So I have to get these things now! Bun warmers would be perfect for a buffet setup.

Vintage Atomic Alarm Clock

I can't remember how much I paid for this clock at the thrift, I think it was a couple of dollars. It's a cute little desk clock that plugs in. I couldn't resist its atomic goodness. The side with the atomic star also lights up.

Estate Sale Kitchenware March '09

Usually estate sales in my area aren't that great, but I found these at one in Bella Vista (it's where the older folks live). Stuff was a little higher than I would've liked, you can see the $1.50 price tag on the mug. But I needed that one for the Pyrex mug collection! The old spice tins were about 50 cents apiece, I think, and the atomic carving set was $2.

Vintage Photograph & Autograph Album

Quite a while ago I found a nice vintage green autograph album that had never been used. Then a month or so ago I saw a very similar photograph album at the Council of the Blind for $2, so I had to get it! The photograph album has a ripped page, but otherwise they were never used.

Vintage Dutch Modern Shelf

I've definitely developed an appreciation for mid-century modern style and dutch modern furniture. I had to get this shelf when I found it at the Salvation Army because it totally fits the bill! In this picture we were using it in our entry hall, but now it's been re-purposed (read: taken over by me) for Pyrex displays. :)