Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Rose Too, also

Well, the weather in Arkansas has certainly turned to fall, and it has gotten cold enough lately to make one fear that winter is even closer than you thought. However, today was lovely and sunny and warm, and I just got paid, so it was the perfect day to go out thrifting! ... Too bad the thrift stores were pretty dry today. I couldn't find a thing in any of my usual haunts in Springdale! I had to drive all the way up to Bentonville/Rogers to get a little love. I think I might do better to hit the thrifts next week. There should plenty of new items donated from all the yard sales everyone is having this weekend because of the lovely weather.

So I found nothing to buy in Springdale today, and even going to Rogers started off dry at first. The Council of the Blind seems to be semi-permanently or permanently closed. I haven't been able to shop there in months, and there are no signs to indicate why. At the Benton Co. Women's Shelter thrift I did find one wood Christmas ornament for 50 cents. Woo. But then things started looking up when I got to visit The Rose Too, a new expansion to my favorite flea market/antique mall.

Kodak Brownie Cameras and Swingline Pencil Sharpener Resized

I got two new additions to my camera collection, both Brownies - a Starmeter in the box for $12.95 (it still has the original price tag of $29.50 on it from Dale's Rexall), and a Starlet for $6.99. I also couldn't pass up an aqua Swingline pencil sharpener with the mounting bracket for $5.99. Because that is just too awesome. And to top off my lovely shopping experience, all my purchases were rung up by none other than my future mother-in-law, Kathy, who gets to pay her booth rent by working part-time a few days a month. I actually got on the waiting list so we can possibly get a larger booth together and split the cost. If we do, local readers please do check it out! I am so excited at the possibilty of finding some of the treasures that are piling up around my house a new home. Let's make the thrifting addiction work for me. :)

Corning Country Festival & Pyrex Woodland & Green Leaf 
Tableware Resized

Up next was The Rose, original edition. I got the largest Pyrex round casserole in Woodland that I was missing for $7.95. The same booth also had a Corning petite pan that I needed in Country Festival, with the plastic lid for $6.95. My favorite find is the Pyrex tableware saucer in the Green Leaf pattern. Green Leaf is my favorite tableware pattern, and this is my first time seeing it in person. Bonus - it was only a dollar. There is a discussion here that Green Leaf is a harder to find pattern, and I think this dish is even more unusual because it has the old Corning glassblower backstamp rather than the tableware backstamp containing the usual info and item numbering. Oh, and there's that ornament I mentioned before. It's a harp!

Glasbake 'Blue Onion' & Merry Mushroom Canisters Resized

My last stop of the day was Helping Hands in Bentonville. I know there are big fans of the 70s merry mushroom themed kitchenware out there. The whole set was just $6.50, so I picked it up for resale or a possible trade. They all appear to be in mint condition. And although I already have this Glasbake Blue Onion square baker, I thought it deserved to come home with me for just $1.


Bill Bittner said...

Gorgeous cameras. Dying to find an instamatic or pocket camera from my childhood at one of my local stores.

Lilacs said...

Oh...I can remember Grandmother having that mushroom canister set when she had moved from the farm into her apartment in town. She had such lovelies....and the day she passed, almost everything vintage looked like new. She took such good care of things. Thanks for sharing your finds:)


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