Monday, February 11, 2008

The Vintage Thrifter-ator!

I have to apologize for my lack of posts recently. My internet has been trying to die on me, and on top of that I just got done working 6 days in a row (ick). I was exhausted, but now I'm feeling much more rested, and I've finally found the time (and daylight!) to photograph the rest of my finds from the past week.

It was a really good week for me with all the kitchenware. I found some really nice, minty pieces, and the prices were pretty reasonable.

Pyrex Old Town Mugs

These Old Town Blue Pyrex mugs were my first find. I only photographed one of each style, but I actually found 6 of each at the Salvation Army, for 50 cents each! It was perfect for me, because I have a set of 12 Old Town Blue Corelle dishes, teacups, and saucers, but I only had 6 cups and 6 mugs, so these complete my set!

Corelle Old Town Plates

Sorry for the poor picture, I need some plate stands! These are the largest and second-largest Corelle plates in Old Town Blue. I found 8 in each size at the Samaritan thrift store in Springdale. I already had all I needed in the largest size, but some of mine had rough edges, so I replaced 8 of my old ones with these, which are in better condition. I actually didn't have any of the second-largest plate size at all, so now I am well on my way to having 12 of those as well! They were a little expensive at a dollar per plate, but I was willing to pay more to complete my collection. It's still cheaper than eBay or the antique malls...

Pyrex Snowflake Garland Casserole

This was another great find from the Springdale Salvation Army. I found this at the same time as all those Old Town cups and mugs. It's a very minty Pyrex Snowflake Garland round casserole, 2.5 quart size. It was $8, which is a little more than I like to pay for a thrift store, but I'll probably never see one like this in such good condition at a thrift store here again!

Pyrex Morning Blue & Yellow Cups

Two more additions for my mug/cup collection - on the left is a 'Morning Blue' Pyrex cup, and on the right is an unmarked milk glass cup with fired-on yellow. I got both of these from the Bentonville Council of the Blind for 50 cents each.

Pyrex Steel Blue & Pink Hazel Atlas Mugs

More mugs! On the left is a steel blue Pyrex mug, found at the Second Chance thrift store in Springdale. I think it cost about 25 or 50 cents. I think this Pyrex mug is interesting - a lot of Pyrex mugs have the diagonal handle like my Old Town Blue mug, but these are more like the shape of the mugs made out of Corning material. On the right, the pink mug is Hazel-Atlas, and was only 25 cents at the Bentonville Women's Shelter thrift.

Corning Daisy Canister

I love this canister, it's so cute and retro, and goes with the yellow part of my kitchen theme. It was $2 at the Peace At Home thrift store in Fayetteville. It's marked 'Corning Brand Glass'.

Acme Supreme Juicerator

This juicer is awesome and hilarious! How can you not love it, it's the Acme brand Supreme JUICERator! Hehe, now my blog title makes a little more sense. I have yet to try it out, but I suspect it still works - this thing is heavy and built like a tank. I also found this at the Peace At Home thrift store. For $5, it came with all it's parts, the manual, and the original box. I may get a bigger kitchen soon, and if I do, this sucker is going right out on display on the counter.

Glasbake Grandpa Mug & Tupperware Measuring Cup

This is the last mug, I swear! I paid $1.50 for the 'Grandpa' Glasbake mug at The Rose antique mall in Rogers. Normally I wouldn't pay that much, but I'm going to give this to Jason's mom. I picked up it's mate ('Grandma') at a thrift store last year, and gave it to her for her birthday. Now she can have the set! Both mugs come with a cute little poem printed on the opposite side. On the left, for about 25 cents I got another Tupperware measuring cup from the Salvation Army in Bentonville.

Pyrex Promotional Constellation & Cradle

The rest of my finds are from The Rose antique mall. I found quite a bit of Pyrex there, and it actually was pretty reasonably priced. This Pyrex dish is promotional, called 'Constellation.' I actually had this dish already, but I didn't have its candle-warmer. For $13, I had to get it! The whole thing is quite minty, and I figured I could sell my extra dish and recoup some of my cost.

Pyrex Daisy Casserole

This 2.5 quart casserole was actually from the very same booth in The Rose as my Constellation dish! The seller's prices were pretty good. This is a regular Pyrex pattern called 'Daisy.' It's really sunny and happy, and it was also $13 - I couldn't turn it down. I've seen some of the original dealer adverts that some members have found and posted on PyrexLove's Flickr, and they show that some of the Daisy oval casseroles came with these wicker baskets. It seems like these baskets get separated from their casseroles pretty frequently, so I jumped on this one.

Pyrex Woodland England & Lid

It's another piece of English Pyrex! It's the same pattern as the ones I found over Christmas. I found out from a member on Flickr that this pattern is called Woodland. This one is the same size as the smaller one I found before, but this one has it's original brown lid. I got it for $7.

Pyrex Golden Honeysuckle Set

Last but not least, I got another Golden Honeysuckle Pyrex casserole (it's on the bottom), in a 2.5 quart size. I found it for only $7, and it's very minty (with it's lid, even!). I already had the 1.5 quart on the top of the stack. I found it last summer, it was actually the first Pyrex casserole I ever thrifted, ~tear~. Now it has a friend! :)

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