Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Very Vintage Christmas

Christmas '07 was a boon for me in terms of receiving vintage items, whether they were gifts or purchased by me. I hadn't had much luck in the previous months finding very much Pyrex out and about at local thrift stores. I swear Leilani is a good luck charm, because when we went out together we found some lovely vintage goodies, including quite a bit of Pyrex. My friend Amanda also contributed to my Christmas Pyrex haul quite a bit. She "rediscovered" eBay right before the holidays and got slightly addicted. She bid on quite a few Pyrex items for my Christmas gifts as well. This Christmas alone has very nearly doubled my Pyrex stash!

As Leilani mentioned in one of her posts, we still haven't figured out the 'Read More' code, so this will be another rather image-heavy blog.

Penguin Pyrex Certificate

This little guy was given to me by Leilani when she arrived. Instead of holding a gift card, she made a certificate entitling me to $40 of Pyrex/miscellaneous kitchenware when we were out thrifting. Needless to say I made full use of this offer. ;)

Pyrex Garland Butter Dish

This is A Pyrex butter dish in the 'Snowflake Garland' pattern. It was a surprise gift from Leilani that she brought with her from Chicago. She actually thrifted this when she visited Wisconsin for Thanksgiving, which is apparently an untouched thrifting mecca.

Vintage Apothecary Jars

Another surprise gift from Leilani were these vintage apothecary jars. I had seen several like this when I had been out thrifting, but I had never seen any in green, only cobalt blue.

Pyrex Desert Dawn Square Dish

This is a Desert Dawn 8 inch square dish made by Pyrex, given to me by Amanda. I collect the yellow version, but it also comes in dark pink. The only difference between Desert Dawn and solid yellow or pink is that Desert Dawn has a fine spray of darker flecks that coat the surface of the dish. I like this pattern not only for the color, but because they come in some more useful baking dish sizes that some of the other patterns just weren't made in, the 8 inch square being a good example.

Pyrex Desert Dawn Round Dish

Pyrex Desert Dawn Utility Dish #231

Two more Desert Dawn dishes, a round cake dish and an oblong baker, that were eBayed for me by my boyfriend. Desert Dawn seems to be a little more uncommon. Although I thrifted my first piece of Desert Dawn, I haven't seen any more out at any local thrift or antique stores, and all the rest were bought from eBay, and even on there they are unusual.

Pyrex Butterprint Refrig Dish & Lid

Amanda eBayed this small Pyrex Butterprint refrigerator dish and extra lid for me. The lid is a replacement for the medium sized Butterprint refrigerator dish that I had thrifted.

Pyrex Old Town Butter Dish

Another eBayed gift from Amanda, this time the Pyrex Old Town Blue butter dish. I have a very large set of the Old Town Corelle dishes that I thrifted, and my latest goal is to get all of the Pyrex coordinates that match for a complete set! (I only need one more S&P shaker and the gravy boat now.)

Pyrex Turquoise Snowflake #575 & #043

More Pyrex goodness in another one of my all-time favorite patterns - Turquoise Snowflake. The bottom dish is a 2 quart rectangular 'space-saver' casserole from Amanda. The top dish is a 1.5 quart oval casserole that Leilani bought for me while we were out at an antique store.

Pyrex Primary Yellow Refrig Dish

While Leilani and I were out at the Rogers Salvation Army, I found this 1.5 quart Pyrex primary yellow refrigerator dish. No lid, but it was in amazingly good condition (especially for the Salvation Army). Leilani got this for me, I cashed in some more of my Pyrex gift certificate.

Corning Starburst Carafe

Another find from the same place as above, a 4 cup Corning carafe with a pretty gold-leaf starburst design. I had seen one just like this except it was 6 cups at an antique store earlier that day. This one was a much better deal than the inflated antique store prices, however!

Federal Wheat Mug

A Federal mug that Leilani picked up for me when we were out together. I love to add all kinds of milk glass mugs to my collection.

Corning & Glasbake Mugs

The mug on the left is made by Corning, the pattern is 'Oriental Wood'. The mug on the right is unmarked, but I believe it is Glasbake by the shape. It's a lot like Pyrex's Old Town blue pattern.

Pyrex Bluegrass Tableware Cup

Another addition to my cup/mug collection, this one is actually Pyrex tableware, in the 'Bluegrass' pattern.

Pyrex England

Saving the best for last, this is one of my favorite pieces that I got this Christmas - English Pyrex! I was shocked to find some out in the wild in Arkansas. I haven't been able to find the pattern name online, but I call it 'Wildflower' for obvious reasons. I recognized the distinctive handle shape from the pictures of other English Pyrex pieces that have been posted on PyrexLove's Flickr group. They were quite cheap at a couple of dollars per casserole.

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