Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Vintage Ornament Finds

Unlike Leilani, I haven't struggled for years to find good Christmas items thrifting, as I only started fairly recently, and my main obsession is kitchen items (namely Pyrex). Leilani and I went on a thrifting adventure last week, exploring some new territory in the Bentonville/Rogers area. At one of our stops, the Rogers Council of the Blind, I did find some Christmas ornaments that I just couldn't pass up...

Vintage Mice Ornaments

I adore these mice ornaments, they are just too cute. They are made of felt and pipe cleaners, and they are each holding a different kitchen item, made of plastic. I really wanted to get them after I saw that there was a set of three - I had to keep the family together!

Vintage Wooden Ornaments

These ornaments make me feel very nostalgic, because my parents have collected an assortment of ornaments over the years, and they have many wood ones that look to be from the 70s, like these. I was especially drawn to these ornaments because, though I'm not sure, I think my parents might actually have some just like these. I know at least that they have a Santa almost exactly like this with the pipe cleaner beard, but I can't remember if it has a drum or not.

Leilani picked all these up for me with the other items she purchased as part of my Christmas present. The chick, toadstool and santa ornaments that she found (the first picture on her post) were part of the same haul.

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